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Annual Day Celebration at Don Bosco High School, Panjim: A Vibrant Tapestry of Talent and Tradition

The Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements. Mr Bosco George, IPS retd, former Deputy IGP, Goa who amidst the applause and cheers, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Tr Maria de Luz as the Guest of Honour adding a touch of prestige to the event .The function was presided over by our Rector and Principal Rev Fr Avin Carvalho and our Administrator Bro James Marcus.

The air was alive with excitement and anticipation as the Don Bosco High School, Panjim celebrated its Annual Day with fervor and jubilation on February 8, 2024. This grand event, a testament to the school's rich legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence, showcased a plethora of performances and honoured significant milestones in the school's journey. The festivities commenced with the adorable performances of the kindergarten and primary students, whose innocent charm and enthusiasm stole the hearts of the audience. From lively dances to heartfelt expressions, the youngest members of the Don Bosco family set the stage for a memorable evening. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the dedication and tireless efforts of the K.G and Primary teachers in training and guiding our young students, which culminated in a delightful performance.

The former Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Bosco George in his inspiring words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the importance of education and character building in shaping the future of Goa. He also expressed, "We often have clear expectations from our government, but do we actively engage with and support our government to fulfill these expectations?"

A poignant moment unfolded as the school community came together to felicitate our retiring teacher, Tr. Maria De Luz, whose dedication and passion has left an indelible mark on generations of students. Her contribution to the school was celebrated with reverence and gratitude, symbolizing the spirit of camaraderie and respect that defines the Don Bosco family. The Annual Report effectively communicated the student’s achievements and the school’s progress to the audience. The unveiling of the coffee table book commemorating the 75th anniversary of the school was a momentous occasion, encapsulating decades of cherished memories and milestones. Through captivating narratives and archival photographs, the book paid homage to the rich heritage and enduring values that have been the cornerstone of Don Bosco's educational journey.

In his address, our Rector and Principal Rev Fr. Avin Carvalho reiterated the school's commitment to nurturing holistic development and fostering a culture of excellence. He commended the students for their achievements and urged them to uphold the school's ethos of integrity, compassion, and perseverance. The evening unfolded into a mesmerizing showcase of talent, with a musical play titled ‘The Bigger Picture’ presented by the middle and high school students, showcasing their creativity and dramatic flair. The intricate choreography, coupled with soulful performances, transported the audience into a world of enchantment and wonder.

The choir mesmerized the audience with their melodious renditions, captivating hearts with their harmonious voices. The actors and dancers dazzled with their impeccable performances, showcasing months of dedication and hard work under the guidance of talented directors and mentors. The Annual Day celebration at Don Bosco High School, Panjim, was more than just an event, it was a celebration of unity, talent, and tradition. As the curtains drew to a close, leaving behind echoes of laughter and applause, it served as a poignant reminder of the school's enduring legacy and the boundless potential of its students.