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Back to school …to Grow with Grace

The first day back at Don Bosco High School after summer vacation is a whirlwind of emotions, activities, and experiences. Students return to familiar corridors and classrooms, reuniting with friends and teachers, and all set to dive back into academic routines.

The morning began with a mix of excitement and nervousness. The air was filled with anticipation as students and parents made their way to school. In school, there was a palpable buzz in the air. The school grounds were alive with chatter and laughter as friends greeted each other with hugs and high-fives. Teachers, standing at the school entrance, warmly welcomed students back, their smiles reflecting the joy of seeing their classrooms came alive again.

The school began with a meaningful assembly, invoking God’s guidance to sustain us through the academic year 2024-25. The theme to be followed this year is ‘Live SMART the Don Bosco way’, wherein

S- being special, setting goals
M- Motivated
A- Attentive and Alert
R – Respectful
T- Trust in the Almighty

Teachers used the first day to help students get an idea of what to expect and start setting their academic goals, introductions, time tables and created a collaborative classroom environment.

The first day back at school after summer vacation is always a significant milestone beginning of a new academic journey, to embark on the new school year, armed with new knowledge, renewed friendships, and fresh aspirations.