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Empowering Educators: Navigating Trends & Embracing Innovation

An in-house workshop was conducted by Fr. Crispino D'Souza, Rector, Yerawada, Pune, for the staff of Don Bosco High School Panjim on August 19, 2023. Fr. Crispino D'Souza SDB is a dedicated Salesian priest known for his unwavering commitment to education and social upliftment, be it in Don Bosco Matunga, Don Bosco International School, Mumbai or Yerawada, Pune. He has a compassionate heart and visionary leadership, and he has significantly contributed to the holistic development of youth through innovative educational initiatives and community empowerment projects. His work exemplifies the transformative impact of education combined with a strong sense of service.

The workshop focused on the dynamic landscape of education in the 21st century, bringing together educators, administrators, and stakeholders to explore current trends and challenges. His keynote highlighted modern trends and their impact on education, emphasising balanced integration and tech-augmented learning. It emphasised the various kinds of learning styles one needs to incorporate while handling students of diverse learning and emotional skills.

Personalised Learning: tailored education for better outcomes and data-driven decision-making was discussed. Diversity and Inclusion: Strategies for inclusive classrooms and valuing diverse perspectives were suggested to be explored. Experiential Learning: Benefits of hands-on experiences, experiments in learning were covered.

Project and skill based: Project-based and skill based learning are innovative educational approaches that foster active learning through hands-on projects, promoting critical thinking and practical skills.

The interactive sessions enabled practical learning, collaboration, and innovative teaching exploration. The workshop provided a platform for teachers to engage in insightful discussions and practical exploration, highlighting the significance of embracing modern educational trends to create dynamic and effective learning environments for the ever-evolving needs of students.

Don Bosco High School, Panjim, has always enhanced the quality and purpose of education to be productive and to make a difference by using the talents and skills that God has given us for the betterment of others.