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The extraordinary visitor to Don Bosco Panjim

Rev Father Giovanni Rolandi, the representative of The Rector Major, embarked on an important mission as he arrived to conduct an Extraordinary Visitation at Don Bosco Panjim. This day marks a significant moment in the life of the institution and its community. Father Giovanni Rolandi, entrusted with the responsibility by The Rector Major, assumes a role of great significance in the Don Bosco Panjim community. The arrival of Rev Father Giovanni Rolandi to conduct an Extraordinary Visitation here is a momentous occasion. It demonstrates the commitment of the Salesian community to excellence in education and spiritual development, and it heralded a new chapter in the school's journey towards even greater achievements.

Questo รจ un giorno speciale, ti diamo il benvenuto oggi siamo tutti felici stare con tuo padre!