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"Empowering Leaders, Inspiring Change: The Investiture Ceremony"

The investiture ceremony, held on 1st July 2023 at Don Bosco High School Oratory, was a significant event where the newly elected student council members were officially appointed to their respective positions. The ceremony aimed to recognize the leadership potential of these students and to empower them to fulfill their roles with integrity and dedication.

The chief guest Fr Jason Coelho and Fr Avin Carvalho our Rector and Headmaster did the honour of investing the student leaders. Fr Jason addressed the gathering encouraging everyone to rise from one’s comfort zone, from their individual tendencies and to make the school a place of true knowledge, use language of love and to make it a temple of thought just as St. Don Bosco envisaged.

The newly elected student council members were then called upon to take their oath of office. Led by the Principal, they solemnly pledged to uphold their responsibilities, serve their fellow students, and contribute to the overall development of the school.

The investiture ceremony also included the felicitation of the previous SSC Batch (2022-23) school toppers and the retiring Support staff Ms Magdalena Fernandes for her tireless service to school since 1995.

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those involved in organizing the event and the audience for their presence. The event fostered a sense of unity and excitement among the students, encouraging them to actively engage in the school's affairs and contribute to its growth. It marked the beginning of the House System 2023-24 and everyone involved left the ceremony inspired and motivated to make a positive impact in this new academic year.

- Ms. Bindu Goodwin