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The students of Don Bosco High School in Panjim, Goa, joined the nation in commemorating Mahatma Gandhi's legacy through the 'Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign - 2023.' This annual nationwide event encourages individuals to engage in cleanliness drives, promoting Gandhi's values of cleanliness, self-reliance, and community service.

Under the guidance of dedicated teachers, the students embarked on a thorough cleanliness drive within their school premises. Unity and commitment were the highlights of the day, as students, teachers, and staff worked together to ensure no corner was left untouched. Their actions served as a shining example of the impact that can be achieved when the youth embrace the principles and values of Mahatma Gandhi, proving that small efforts can lead to a cleaner, more responsible future for our nation.

Don Bosco High School's participation in the Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign - 2023 was not just a one-day event but a testament to their enduring commitment to social responsibility and a cleaner, more sustainable society. Mahatma Gandhi's vision lives on through these young minds, who are dedicated to being the change they want to see in the world, inspiring others to follow their lead and contribute to a cleaner, more responsible India.