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O Dia de Português

The celebration of Portuguese Day at Don Bosco, Panjim held on 2 Dec 2023 was a lively event commemorating the historical ties between Portugal and Goa. The day kicked off with a vibrant stage performance featuring traditional Portuguese costumes, music, and dance, creating a festive atmosphere. The hall came alive with fado music, showcasing a blend of Portuguese and Goan influences. Beyond the festivities, the event included the speech by Dr Paulo George da Silva Gomes the head of the Fundação oriente in India and the culinary demonstrations fostering cultural exchange. It served as a living testament to the enduring cultural bonds, inviting the community to celebrate their shared history and embrace the unique blend of Portuguese and Goan heritage that defines the local identity. This program would not have been possible without the invaluable support of our Principal and Rector, Father Avin Carvalho, and our dedicated supervisor and head of the Department of Portuguese, Sir Mário Monteiro De Sousa.