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Unveiling the Mysteries of Dry Ice: A Mesmerizing Experience by Goa Science Centre

The Science Club of Don Bosco High School collaborated with the renowned Team from Goa Science Centre to organize an exciting event. The goal of this collaborative endeavour was to provide children in classes 7 and 9 with an exciting and informative experience. The event's highlight was an intriguing Dry Ice Show, which attempted to captivate youthful minds with mind-blowing innovations.

Mrs. Sampadha Gautam Parab, an excellent teaching assistant affiliated with the famed Goa Science Centre and planetarium, led the demonstrations. Mrs. Parab demonstrated the compelling features of dry ice through a series of jaw-dropping demonstrations, capturing the pupils' attention and instilling a sense of wonder. The programme was more than just a display of scientific principles; it was an adventure that piqued the students' interest.

In essence, the united effort of the Don Bosco High School Science Club and the Goa Science Centre Team succeeded in creating an environment in which science came alive. This programme not only delighted and educated the students, but it also made a lasting impression on them, motivating them to dive deeper into the fascinating world of science.