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"Celebrating Student Leadership: Investiture Ceremony at Don Bosco High School, Panjim, Goa"

29th June, 2024

The hallowed Oratory Hall of Don Bosco High School, Panjim, Goa, reverberated with a sense of pride and anticipation as the annual Investiture Ceremony unfolded on 29th June 2024. This significant event marked the official induction of the newly elected student council, entrusting them with the responsibilities and duties that come with leadership roles.

Our Rector Rev Fr. Tamatur Cardozo graced the occasion and was the Chief Guest for the event. Mrs Melly Fernandez was the Guest of Honour. The ceremony commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the dispelling of ignorance and the ushering in of knowledge and wisdom. This was followed by a prayer service keeping in mind the theme of the year ‘Living SMART the Don Bosco way’, invoking divine blessings for the new leaders. The dance group and the presentation added a melodious touch to the proceedings, setting a solemn and inspiring tone for the event.

Our headmaster Fr Avin Carvalho along with Fr. Tamatur and Tr. Melly invested the students with Badges and sashes. The Oath was administered by Fr Avin. Fr Tamatur addressed the gathering with inspiring words, emphasizing the importance of leadership, responsibility, and the core values of Don Bosco. He reminded the students of the legacy they were inheriting and the expectations that come with it. Fr Tamatur said, “Only the dead fish float on water…the strong courageous fish float against the strong currents in the water…As a Don Bosco student be courageous to stand up for the truth”. His words were a call to action, urging the new council to lead by example, uphold the school's values, and work towards the collective good.

The highlight of the ceremony was the formal investiture of the student council members. Clad in their crisp uniforms, the newly elected Head Boy (Middle School), Sports Captains (Middle School), House Captains, and the Class Monitors marched smartly to the stage. As they received their badges and sashes from the Rector and our Headmaster, the pride on their faces was palpable. The badges were not just symbols of their new roles, but also of the trust and faith the school community had placed in them. The day also had the school house system announced open for the year 2024-25. The Academic year 2023-24 batch of SSC School toppers and students who scored distinction in the board exam 2023-24 were also acknowledged and their efforts felicitated .

Each council member took an oath, pledging to perform their duties with sincerity and dedication, to uphold the school’s honour, and to strive for excellence in all endeavours. The solemnity of the oath-taking ceremony was a poignant reminder of the responsibilities they were assuming.

They were handed over the flags, symbolizing the transfer of responsibility and continuity of leadership. The gratitude and respect for their service were evident in the applause that followed.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to making the event a success. The School Anthem was played, bringing the formal proceedings to a close, and leaving everyone with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration.