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Young Leaders Rise: Primary Headboys Investiture Ceremony

In a solemn and dignified ceremony held on July 25, 2023, at the Aurelio Marschio Hall, the investiture of the headboys for the primary classes took place, marking a moment of pride and responsibility. Young minds, filled with ambition and enthusiasm, gathered to witness this significant occasion. After a thorough selection process, deserving young leaders were adorned with the prestigious badge, symbolizing authority and accountability.

Master Cansio Manuel Souza and Master Shaunak Kandalgaonkar were invested by the chief guest, Br. Samson Ribeiro, and our rector and headmaster, Fr. Avin Carvalho, as the headboys of the primary section for the academic year 2023-2024.

The headboys, with a humble heart and unwavering determination, pledged to uphold the values and traditions of the school, serving as a role model for their peers. The investiture ceremony instilled a sense of purpose and unity among the students, fostering a spirit of leadership and camaraderie that will shape their journey ahead.

- Bindu Goodwin