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Principal’s Message

Greeting to you all !
Dear students I honestly feel assured that you have begun the year well on the academic front because your teachers have said that you have all responded well to the online and offline learning so far. The IX & X std students have returned to school for regular classes and exams and the rest of you have progressed well with the online classes and have also answered your second mid-term exams. So well done.

I do hope you are all healthy and safe. My concern and prayers continue for all those who have unfortunately been infected by the virus and others who have experience hardships.

As we enter into the final part of our quarantined academic year I would exhort you my dear students to continue to engage in learning and also other creative activity. Do not Quarantine learning. Continue to keep yourselves occupied with your hobbies, giving a thought to your career and making good plans for your future in spite of these pandemic days.

We will be slowly returning to Normal and you will have to be ready to face the challenging reality that lies ahead. No doubt the Pandemic has dragged us backward in many ways but as it recedes we need to be ready to launch ahead. Remember an archer in-order to strike the target with the arrow, he does drag the arrow on the bow backwards. And the more it is dragged backwards with a sharp eye on the target; the better the possibility of it travelling far and reaching the target with accuracy. I do hope this present situation we are all experiencing will have a similar effect on all of us. The drag backward will energize us to launch forward.

So keep learning, keep dreaming big and take positive steps to make it happen by engaging in a continuous learning process. Dear students do not spend your days in idleness but in discovering your potential because the future will belong to those who build a solid Now.

We are preparing to celebrate the Feast of St. John Bosco Our Friend and guide. I would like to invite all of you to pray to him. He will indeed guide your steps and direct your every thought and intention. If you need any help dear students do get in touch with me or with your teachers. We are always here to help you and that’s what Don Bosco is all about – To reach out to all young people and be of help to them always and in any situation.

Blessings upon you dear students and here’s me wishing you all together with all your teachers a Blessed feast of our dear Saint.