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March 7, 2020

Save a life …. With your First aid skills

3 March 2020
Today we the students of classes V to IX at Don Bosco High School were privileged to be addressed by Dr. Jovito Lopez, the Sports Editor and Sec. General, St. John Ambulance who spoke about First Aid and the Golden hour to save a life of a person in case of a heart attack, choking , electrocution and drowning. Earlier last week the students of VIII and IX in a short workshop were explained about the skills and techniques of first aid, CPR technique, recovery position and steps to be followed in case of an emergency. He explained in detail the various hazards that are present in Mechanical Industries like Physical, Electrical, Fire and Explosives etc, through illustrations, photos and videos. He expressed the importance of keeping the supply of fuel to the body. i.e. Oxygen constant to the three vital organs brain, lungs and heart through your help in the golden hour. The first 7-10 minutes could save a life. By giving these Acts of care and love for a human being you will definitely receive blessings from God was the lesson taken home.