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School Leaders Elections

Administering school elections of student leaders gives the school an opportunity to educate the Don Bosco students about the importance of voting. Having our Students' council introduces and familiarizes the students of middle school and High school with the voting procedures, as well as encourages students to exercise their right to cast their vote for the suitable leaders making it evident how every vote counts and the impact each vote can have.

On the other hand the students running for the posts of school leaders showed an extremely strong commitment and enthusiasm about their work if elected. To shoulder school leaders' responsibility would certainly enable them to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities, and achieving tasks effectively.

The candidates vying for the post of the Headboys this year are
Olav Do Rosario,
Dhruv Naik
Kian Manuel
Ethan Pinto
Marc Vaz
Siddant Kamle
Shishir Roy

Promising to keep the school flag flying high. May the best ones be victorious!!!