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August 3, 2019


11 June 2019 Empowering teachers is the key to enhancing Education. Teachers have the ability to inspire, empower and foster environments of self confidence, passion and nuture the lives of the students. Don Bosco High School gives importance to Teachers’ Orientation to lay a foundation for teachers and refresh them every year by providing them with concise and accurate information to deal with varied behavourial traits of the students. To do the honours of putting the teachers wise on the same who other than Fr Edison , Rector Programme co-ordinator, Animation Centre Benaulim could have guided the teachers of DBHS better to intervene when they encounter student related challenges. Fr Edison highlighted the basic classifications of child related issues like personal challenges, family concerns to name a few. The interposition of the teacher is of utmost importance as it makes a world of difference in a student’s life if handled tactfully. Fr Edison recommended observing Mental health week, Anti bullying week and Sexual responsibility week for the students. Emotional hygiene is the call of the present times he expressed. The Orientation ensured the teachers have clear expectations, an understanding of the school culture and a formal mentoring process in place for the new academic year.