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August 31, 2019

G.K. Quiz Competition 2019 – 2020

Quiz enhances general knowledge, thinking power and curiosity to explore among students. Don Bosco High school Panjim organized their annual G.K. competition Beat the Brain 2.0 on the 27th August 2019. This competition was organized with a twist that helped students to think differently. The quiz began a day prior where participants got involved in a treasure hunt titled “Run for the Earth”. The quiz master Dr. Nadia Pinto conducted the quiz with great finesse. The participants had to go through mazes of intuited and mind blogging rounds consisting of questions related to current affairs, science, sports, music and many more. A very special round that highlighted this competition was Amchi Sobitkai where names of famous Goan personalites and specialities of Goan food and culture were to be identified. The Gandhi house of the middle school and the Nehru house of the high school were declared winners. It was a very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience that also contributed to the standings of the houses.

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